Take your B2B business to new markets

Warm introductions, low-risk global expansion, and a pitch optimized for each market.

Warm introductions.

We help you get directly introduced to the right decision makers and build your success on trusted personal and professional relationships.

Low-risk global expansion

Enter new markets internationally without risky long-term investments to hiring and opening local offices.

Better targeting.

We help you optimize your pitch and value proposition for each market, industry, company, and decision maker to improve your conversions.

We build trusted connections.

We have built a network of Ambassadors - well-connected individuals in your target markets and ecosystems who can introduce you to the right decision makers. Ambassadors are trusted executives, entrepreneurs and investors across verticals and geographies and have been selected for their reputation and network in the industry.

We match you with Ambassadors, they will introduce you to the right people in the right companies, and you get a direct path to pitch your business to them.

Our technology finds the right path.

We have developed algorithms that map the existing trust networks of our customers and Ambassadors that help us find the most relevant decision makers and the best sources of introduction for each individual.

We seek great companies.

We have vetted all our customer companies for innovativeness, entrepreneurial team, references, product/market fit and growth.

Our ambassadors only make introductions for companies whose product and team they believe in, which increases both trust and the potential for a great business relationship.

Better conversions, better results.

Why make hundreds of pointless cold calls when only a tiny fraction will convert to actual meetings? Warm introductions result in meetings about half of the time and lets you start the business negotiations on a positive note.

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