Introducing Trust Shares:

Earn dividends from your introductions.

Inbot Ambassador is a global community of people, who introduce tech companies to business customers. For every introduction, you earn a Trust Share.

Trust Shares provide you long term income for your help. Every time the company you have Trust Share in closes a deal, you receive a dividend in the form of Trust Tokens.

Trust Token is an asset-backed cryptocurrency that runs on Ethereum blockchain. You can hold your earned Trust Tokens for value appreciation, or trade them for cash.

As a member of Inbot Ambassador community, you can build lasting relationships with some of the best tech founders and executives, and earn long-term income from your help.

Do you know decision makers? Apply to join our global community today! Our membership includes influential founders, executives and investors in 75 countries.

Create yourself a sweat equity portfolio.

With Inbot Ambassador, you can create yourself a sweat equity portfolio that provides you long-term income simply by making introductions. There’s no simpler way to participate to the success of some of the best tech companies on the planet.

Our People Graph AI matches your contacts against people our vendors are looking for, and sends you an intro suggestions when it finds a match. You can respond Yes or No to each suggestion. Only if you say Yes, you will be introduced to the vendor. Unlike social networks, nobody can browse your contacts in Inbot.

Trust Token runs on Ethereum as an ERC-20 token. Because of its asset backing, Trust Token will be categorized as a security. To comply with laws and regulations around the world, we will wait for regulated cryptocurrency exchanges to open before doing a token offering to the public.

Prior and after listing, Inbot offers to purchase the Ambassador token rewards using the cash reserves backing the currency. Leave your email below to be notified about the progress.

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