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We are a diverse team of experienced entrepreneurs building a global community of trust. Our mission is to help B2B founders and executives to grow their businesses by introducing them to people, who can open the doors to their customers.

Our History

Inbot, Inc. was founded by Mikko Alasaarela, Vesa Perälä and Joona Kulmala in 2013. We were all tired of the thousands of CRM and marketing automation robots that spam us with billions of programmatic ads, emails and social media posts every day. We wondered if there was a better way to scale a business without spamming.

We wanted to scale the discovery of links to opportunities, and let people help each other to build trust. To map trust on a global scale, we created People Graph, architected by Dr. Jilles van Gurp, a leading expert in data models for search.

After years of development, People Graph currently covers 5 million people and analyzes millions of data points to establish who can make the warmest introductions to customers. The AI of the People Graph is architected by Dr. Vilen Jumutc, a leading expert in machine learning.

Our mobile apps for Android and iOS are designed by experienced design entrepreneur Miiro Seppänen, and implemented by experienced mobile developers Grzegorz Krukowski, Vitaliy Istomov and Yury Bychyk. Our funny and helpful assistant chatbot was designed by a speech communication expert Jenni Juvonen.

From August 2016, we started building a global community of entrepreneurs, executives and investors, who want to build trusted business relations. We called the community the Inbot Ambassador community.

From April 2017, our business team was strengthened significantly, as New Jersey -based serial entrepreneurs Justin Insalaco and Jason Elhomsi joined to build our business in North America.

We are funded by a global community

As we are a community of trust, we have also raised our funding from a global community of angel investors, many of which are also members of the ambassador community. We want to stay community- and entrepreneur-driven to stay true to our values of trust and care in business relationships.

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Mikko Alasaarela

Mikko Alasaarela

Chief Executive Officer
Mikko Alasaarela

Himanshu Paliwal

Chief Operating Officer
Justin Insalaco

Justin Insalaco

Managing Director, Americas
Jason Elhomsi

Jason Elhomsi

Vice President, Community