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Inbot invites members of the press, freelance reviewers, and mobile technology site owners for cooperation. We are happy to provide free copies of our software for review, as well as expert opinions on the past, present, and future of the mobile CRM market, artificial intelligence, future of work and mobile technologies, and interviews with the company's top management.

Feel free to contact us at pr@inbot.io any time for press inquiries.

A short overview of the Inbot app:

Designed mobile first

For the salesperson on the go, Inbot is the perfect solution for keeping track of sales activity. Valuable sales and customer data is available to the user anywhere, anytime.

Freedom from sales bureaucracy

We aim to free the salesperson of all unnecessary work. Leads and other contacts are always kept in order, and all sales activities, such as emails and calls, are automatically tracked for each business contact.

Personal assistant

Inbot takes the concept of a virtual assistant to a whole new level by combining both AI and human intelligence. Whether it's about booking a meeting or identifying the most profitable customer groups, the assistant is there to help the user be a better salesperson.

User-centered approach

Our design is driven by our philosophy of focusing on the end user's experience. We have designed a sleek and intuitive user interface to drive the users' productivity and minimize the hassle.

Effortless statistics and sales reports

We want to allow the user to focus on the essential - sales. For this reason, we automatically compile sales data and produce any statistics and reports the user needs.

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"Fully automated CRM service that collects sales activity data from smartphones and tablets"


"Inbot applies AI to the inbox to make the IT department breathe easier and sales teams really deliver."


"Smart, CRM-focused address book that cuts down on time-consuming manual entry."


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