Our respectful
privacy policy

The Inbot, Inc. (later “Inbot”) Privacy Policy describes our policy on collecting, storing and using your data and personal information within the Inbot application and services. This Privacy Policy is limited to the data stored and handled directly within Inbot. Other third party applications connected to Inbot usually have their own privacy policies, and are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

Inbot reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time. We will notify you about the changes on this page. Please visit this page regularly to learn about possible changes. In case Inbot is acquired or merges with another company, your data will be transferred, and you will be notified. The latest version of the Privacy Policy can be found at http:///www.inbot.io/privacy-policy/

The Inbot general Terms of Service can be found at http://www.inbot.io/terms-of-service/

Information we collect

Inbot automatically collects various types of contact and communication information from the apps that you have connected to Inbot. You may also provide input data to Inbot manually.

The collected information includes:

  • Contact details, both your own and those of the people you communicate with and the people in your contact book. These details include names, phone numbers, emails, addresses, profile photos, and usernames in different social networks and messaging applications.
  • Participants, dates and subject fields of emails and calendar events; participants and dates of calls and instant messages; names and dates of documents. We do not store the content of emails, calendar events, messages or documents, and we do not record calls.
  • Location
  • Any other data manually entered to the system by you or captured from applications you have connected to Inbot.
  • Browser cookies and tracking code for the purpose of providing sign-in functionality and web site analytics. Inbot does not use this information for advertising or targeting.
  • Our algorithms may add new information, such as location, job title, company, photo and tags to the collected data to improve the quality of contacts and to make them easier to find and more relevant for you.

Any use of cookies or other tracking code by Inbot or by third party analytics tools used by Inbot, unless stated otherwise, serves to identify you, remember your preferences and gather behavioral analytics for the sole purpose of providing you with better service and a more convenient user experience. We never share such data to advertisers or other third parties, unless such third party is a provider of analytics tools that serve the abovementioned purpose.

How your information is used

Inbot uses your information to provide you with our products and services. The information is also used to identify you and to authenticate you on different applications and services that you choose to connect with Inbot; to research, develop and improve our services; to contact you and send you bills when appropriate.

How and when your information is shared with other Inbot users

All of your data is owned by you by default, unless it has been received from applications whose terms of service and privacy policies specifically say otherwise.

You can choose to share information with other people on Inbot, such as by sending them a contact or by accepting their request to share a contact. When you share a contact with someone, they see all the contact information you have of that contact, but not your communication activity with that contact.

Through the network search and the shared list functionalities, your contacts are discoverable by other Inbot users. In this case, they can see the following information about your contacts:
Profile picture
Job title and company
Mutual contacts (including you)

Unless you choose to share the contact with someone, none of their contact information is shared. Furthermore, you can hide contacts from Inbot and all other users. When a contact is hidden, your activity history with the contact is deleted, no new communication activity will be tracked, the contact will no longer be shown in your contact list, and they will no longer be discoverable by any other Inbot user.

How and when your information is shared with a human assistant

As a part of the Inbot app, we provide personal customer service in the form of a human-robot assistant that all users can chat with in-app. The Assistant is partly automatic and partly human.

The human assistants, when providing customer service to you, have access to the following personal information:

  • Your name and your email addresses
  • The number of contacts and activities you have in Inbot
  • Your chat history with the assistant
  • Names of the third party services you have connected with Inbot

The use of other information is restricted and requires your approval. The assistant may ask permission to access more information, including access to contacts or your extended network, for the tasks you may assign or to provide better service.

Our human assistants will not access any of your data in our system other than when specifically serving you. Our assistants are well trained and background-checked professionals. We require all of our assistants to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Disclosure in certain events

We may from time to time need to disclose certain information, which may include your personal information, to comply with a legal requirement, such as a law, regulation, court order, subpoena, warrant, in the course of a legal proceeding or in response to a law enforcement agency request. Also, we may have to use your personal information to protect the rights, property or safety of Inbot, our employees, our customers or third parties.

If there is a change of control in one of our businesses via a merger, sale, transfer of assets or otherwise, our customer information, which may include your personal information, could be disclosed to a potential purchaser under a confidentiality agreement. We would only disclose your information in good faith and where required by any of the above circumstances.

Data sharing as an Ambassador

When joining the Inbot Ambassador program, you give your permission for Inbot Assistants to access your contacts and extended network for the purpose of finding potential target customers for our vendors and suggesting them as introductions.

If you want to automate the introduction tracking for convenience, you may be asked to join business accounts for the purpose of tracking the introductions you make. By default, any data you share to business accounts is only available to Inbot admins and other people with whom the account is shared.

All communication activity and contact details that you share to a business account will be owned by Inbot. We use the information to validate the introductions you make. If your affiliation with the Ambassador program ends, the ownership of this data will remain with Inbot and you will no longer have access to the business accounts.

However, your personal address book and all contact details will remain your own, as well as all activity data that is not part of a business account, and you will retain them even if you are no longer an Ambassador. You will also retain copies of all contacts that you have shared with other users or business accounts.

How and where we process your data

Inbot servers process your data in a responsible manner and Inbot shall take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or unauthorized destruction of the data.

Inbot representatives may ask for permission to access your account for problem solving purposes. Inbot uses this access, under your permission, only to analyze and solve the problem at hand. We will ask your permission separately each time such access is needed.

Inbot reserves the right to use anonymized data within Inbot for the purposes of diagnostics and improving our algorithms.

Location of our servers

Inbot hosts its data in the cloud. The servers are located in Germany and Ireland and it is possible that we add more servers in other countries in the future. We take care of your privacy with utmost confidentiality and comply with the local privacy legislation in the countries where we are active.

Data conservation time

We store your data as long as you continue to have an account in Inbot. You can always request the removal of your account, which will remove all data you contributed to Inbot except the data and contacts you shared to business accounts, contact cards, or other users.


Inbot takes security very seriously and takes measures to protect your information and comply with applicable regulations for storing sensitive data. All communication between the application and Inbot servers is done over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connections and to further enhance the security, Inbot has implemented PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy, read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forward_secrecy). Additionally, Inbot uses Oauth 2 to protect its APIs to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Inbot stores and processes information from your connected applications on its servers. By connecting these applications, you give Inbot permission to process and store this information. This information is stored and handled in a way that complies with privacy legislation. Inbot never provides this information to third parties without your explicit permission. By your request, Inbot can remove all your stored data.

Credentials for accessing Inbot or any of the applications that you have connected are stored encrypted on Inbot servers. We recommend that you take appropriate measures to protect any devices that you install Inbot on. Particularly, we recommend setting up lock screen passwords, enabling device encryption, enabling remote device management features that allow for remotely wiping data in case of theft, and keeping the devices up to date with the latest security patches from the device vendor.

Contact us

You can contact us about any issues regarding the Privacy Policy by emailing us at assistant@inbot.io.