Accelerate Customer Relationships.

Inbot Ambassador is an AI-powered platform for trusted introductions. Our global community of ambassadors help you build trusted relationships with your customers, starting with a warm introduction to the right decision makers.

Contacts in People Graph
People Graph

AI-powered match-making.

People Graph is an AI-powered graph of trust between people that includes millions of contacts. People Graph finds the people who can best introduce you to your customer.

People Graph protects your privacy. Unlike other professional networks, we do NOT sell your data to advertisers and headhunters. Your data is not shared to anyone without your permission.

People Graph finds a connection to a decision maker at your customer prospect.

We introduce you to an Ambassador who knows the decision maker.

The Ambassador introduces you to your customer prospect.

Intros as a service

Grow at the speed of trust.

The most common ways sales teams reach out to business customers are spamming and cold calling.

These methods make the day of a salesperson miserable and filled with rejection. It also makes many customers angry and distrusting.

Harvard Business Review says 84% of all B2B deals start with a referral. We help you start your negotiations from a position of trust. This is why our vendors see up to 50% conversion rates.

Cold Calling

Inbot - Warm Leads

Launch Partner Program

Launch Partners

Our Launch Partners are early members of our Gold and Platinum Partner Programs.

As a Launch Partner, you will get special attention of our community and enjoy the best possible value for your introductions.

Leave your email below to learn how you can become a Launch Partner. We will contact you with more information.

InToken Rewards

Inbot Partner Program

The Inbot Partner Program enables any business to purchase InToken vouchers to place as a reward for introductions to customers.

The reward is automatically paid to the ambassador when their introduction has led to a meeting or call with customer. You can also convert your vouchers to InToken cryptocurrency for trading. It is your choice!

We offer industry-leading service packages that offer you social media promotion and targeted lead searches for no additional cost.

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