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Inbot Ambassador is a global community that helps you grow with warm introductions to business customers.

Our unique Trust Shares model makes our community members virtual shareholders in your business via Ethereum-based Trust Token cryptocurrency.

Trust Shares are smart contracts that pay dividends to your ambassadors every time you close a deal from their intros. The dividends are paid in Trust Tokens.

Trust Token is an asset-backed cryptocurrency that runs on Ethereum blockchain. Owners can hold their Trust Tokens for value appreciation, or trade them for cash.

If you have an innovative tech product or online service that costs more than $10,000 and is targeted to business customers, type your email below. We would love show you, how you can grow faster globally, without the need for local offices or resellers.

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Trust brings success and growth. By building trust with introductions, we help the most trustworthy and innovative tech businesses to stand out.

The numbers speak for themselves. Our vendors see up to 50% conversion rates on our platform.

People Graph AI is our artificial intelligence-powered graph of trust between people. It finds the person who can make the best introduction to the decision maker you are looking for. After more than three years of development, it is the state of the art.

Trust Token runs on Ethereum as an ERC-20 token. Because of its asset backing, Trust Token will be categorized as a security. To comply with laws and regulations around the world, we will wait for regulated cryptocurrency exchanges to open before doing a token offering to the public.

Prior and after listing, Inbot offers to purchase the Ambassador token rewards using the cash reserves backing the currency. Leave your email below to be notified about the progress.

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